Wood Carpentry


The carpentry was born producing the typical artifacts of construction sites and almost simultaneously began the production of customized furniture for homes, offices and stores of high range. This production line has allowed the  department to expand constantly.
The finished product has handcrafted finishes, and a workforce of more than 50 highly specialized workers is employed in its production. Thanks to the skills acquired through the activity carried out in recent years, we can effectively respond to the increasingly demanding requests of our customers, being able to work even the most unusual materials. In order to refine the service we offer, we have opened up our painting and decoration laboratories, as well as our well-established synergistic relationship with the metalwork department for the production of furnishing accessories.
For many years now, for clients operating in the fashion sector, we have been overseeing the construction of their boutiques through a service that includes the executive design, production and installation of madeto-measure furnishings. This activity, carried out in major cities around the world, completes the now established renovation of boutiques, which we have been dealing with successfully for over twenty years in Italy and abroad.

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